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Welcome to Timber Ridge Bernedoodles

Our Bernese Mountain Dog Girls

Bernse Mountain Dog Gemma

Alpines Precious Gemma

Aka "Gemma" for short, Gemma is a big girl with a big heart. She is very friendly and outgoing, and we can not wait to see what puppies she produces! Look for her first litter of small standards summer 2018. Currently 90 lbs.

Timber Ridge Abbruzzia

Timber Ridge Abbruzzia

We call her Bruzzia for short, Bruzzia is our youngest, yet largest female. She is a full sister to Gemma, and she shares the same outgoing, happy personality. We can not wait to see what puppies she produces! Currently 95 lbs at one year old.

Our Bernedoodle Girls


Alpines Willow Whisp

Willow is a very loving F1 mini Bernedoodle out of Salem. Like her mother, she is very sweet and is an excellent mother. Look for her litter of F1b minis this summer!

Willow lives in a very loving guardian home.

Poodle Boys


Alpines Majestic Splendor

Aka "Logan", Logan is an outstanding stud dog. He is a moyen size, which means he produces the perfect small standard sized Bernedoodles. Logan is very sweet and loving, and he lives in an outstanding guardian home.


Alpine's Sly Stallone

We call him Sly for short, Sly is a toy poodle with Phantom color. He is very friendly and very happy, and his puppies have the same great attitude that he does. Sly produced his first litter of micro mini bernedoodles in the fall of 2017 and those puppies had some of the best overall personalities of any litter.

Retired Girls


Alpine's Blue Eyed Sky

Known as Maggie for sure, Maggie was the first in the original Mama of Timber Ridge and Alpine bernedoodles. She has exceptionally beautiful bright blue eyes and a bright happy personality. She has given us several litters of both mini and small standard bernedoodles. Maggie is now officially retired and gets to enjoy life as a pampered pet.


Rocky Mountain Salem

Aka "Salem" for short, Salem is a sweet and petite Bernese mountain dog. At only 60 lbs, she is the perfect size for producing medium sized puppies! Salem is as sweet as they come, and she passes that onto all of her puppies.

Salem is now retired!